Thursday, June 30, 2011

Germany - Day 10 - Jonas' Confirmation Ceremony

It is Jonas' big day and if he is nervous, it isn't showing.

I was able to put a nice full Windsor knot in my tie, but that was looking in the mirror. I failed miserably tying Jonas' tie as I faced him. How embarrassing after nearly 60 years of knots and not being able to get it right for Jonas. I eventually figured out what I was doing wrong, but it was too late......someone else got it done.

Dominik's confirmation was two years ago. Sigrid came over for that ceremony as well.


Jonas and Dominik with Aunt Sigrid.

Mom and Dad with Jonas.


The church just before the ceremony. No photos during the ceremony.

Lots of kids confirmed today.

After the service, Dad and Jonas.

Oma (Grandmother) Seitz, in the white jacket, congratulates Jonas.

Oma and Opa Seitz talk with Sigrid's brother, Eckhart.

Getting ready to toast back at the house.

The guys.

The whole family.

After toasting at home and visiting with friends and relatives, Opa Seitz treated two large tables of us to lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Of course, later in the afternoon, we had German deserts and coffee.

Day 11 will be a day of rest for all of us so we will pick up with Day 12 next.

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