Monday, November 19, 2012

The Schmid's - Elvis Presley's Graceland - August 30, 2012

We came to Memphis to tour Graceland and pay our respects to Elvis.  Elvis was hugely popular in Germany after his assignment there in the U. S. Army and of course, they loved his music.  It is humbling to walk through the massive displays of awards, gold records, and other memorabilia from Elvis' life.  There were many flower arrangements and other memorials from all over the world around the property for the 35th anniversary of Elvis' death which was on August 16th.  Here are the photos from our visit.

Missouri Mavericks Game - November 17, 2012

We still have more of our Schmid family visit coming up, but I wanted to sneak in this post for the Mavericks game we attended with our KCP&L Power Partners retirement club last Saturday.  We had about 55 club members join us a the game with was at the Independence Events Center.  This was our first hockey game and the first time to the new Events Center.  We had a good time and the center is really nice for small to medium sized events.  Sigrid enjoys ice hockey much more than baseball and I don't blame her....the action is non-stop.  We will probably go to another game in the future.  Here are a few photos from the game.  All photos were taken with Sigrid's little point and shoot camera because I was too lazy to bring the big camera....not too bad.

The Zamboni's get the ice ready.

Every sports team has a mascot...for the Mavericks, it is "Mac".

A Blue Springs elementary school music class sang the National Anthem....a nice hometown touch.

Some of the Power Partners club members.

The Mavericks played the Rapid City Rush.

A little break in the hockey was filled with a fun race using audience members.  They put on the pony gear and raced from one end of the rink and back.

Sigrid and Edel has a good time.

Unfortunately, the Mavericks lost to the Rush.

We ended the night by eating at a Japanese Steakhouse.....too much food too late for old folks but it was fun.