Sunday, November 11, 2012

More KC Touring With The Schmid's - 8/25/2012

Getting a new computer isn't fun when you have as many software packages and files as I have to move from the old computer to the new one.  Jumping six years of technology has additional challenges like trying to get old devices to function in a totally new computing environment.  Going from an ancient Pentium D processor running Windows XP to a Intel i7 with 64 bits running Windows 7 has been mostly a success.  I did have software that just couldn't make the jump as well as two of my most expensive and necessary photo scanner and large format photo printer.  The solution is to keep the old dog computer running as long as possible but dedicated to scanning and printing photos.  I do have a nice new printer/scanner/fax machine that handles documents well, but the quality isn't there for the photos.
All that said,  I have been slow in getting some posts out due to the computer situation and lots of other things going on.  We still have lots of fun photos of the Schmid's visit to us in August/September that I want to get posted, so stay tuned.
This post has just a few photos we took on the third day of their visit.  We did a little more touring of KC but didn't hit it too hard.  We needed time on this day to get ready for our driving trip which begins tomorrow. 

Lunch at Werner's Meats in Overland Park, Kansas.  The guy with the apron works there and is a real character.  As you might expect, he is German so everyone had a great conversation and added greatly to the atmosphere at Werner's.  All the other customers got their German brats and lots of German language to listen to even if they didn't understand.  Every Saturday, Werner's cooks brats on the grill outside the store.  Lines of hungry customers can be 20 people deep.  It's worth the wait.

After lunch we had an ice cream at Sonic in Grandview before visiting Gail's Harley Davidson.  Lars is a big motocycle buff so he was in hog heaven at Gails.  We didn't know it at the time, but Lars would be involved in a serious motocycle accident just after his return to Germany.  He had several broken ribs, heavy bruising, and major road rash.  He was in ICU for a couple of days.  His helmet was damaged so their was inital concern for a head injury, but fortunately he didn't have one.  He is still recovering at home.  Get well Lars!

Next up....the trip begins.

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