Friday, November 17, 2017

Spectacular Evening Clouds - 11/17/2017

Sigrid and I were enjoying a nice evening on our patio a couple of weeks ago when I notice some unusual cloud formations. They almost looked like the smoke left over from a fireworks display. Check out the photo in a larger size to see all the interesting details.

Friday, October 6, 2017

John's 70th Birthday - 9/25/2017

We had to memorialize my major milestone of reaching 70 years of age by not only a party but also a blog posting.  The blog is actually a great way to share the photos of the special day with family and friends.

We had lunch at Jack Stack of my favorites.  We then went to the house for cake, ice cream, and pies.  My favorite dessert is cherry pie so I had that in addition to the traditional cake.  We had requested no gifts but, of course, I got some anyway.

We are wrapping up a big year for special events and anniversaries.  We just moved into our new house in May.  This year is the 20th anniversary of our first date, Sigrid's 60th birthday, and my 70th.

Here are the photos.  I did not take many of them since I was busy opening the presents I wasn't supposed to get.  Scott and Sigrid both tried their hand at using the "big" camera and did well.

We had 15 people join us for lunch at Jack Stack BBQ.

Our good friend, Edel DeMaria, and her sister from Germany, Waltraud, study the menu with Sigrid.  Waltraud was here to visit Edel and to attend the wedding of Edel's daughter, Mechelene DeMaria.  Waltraud does not speak English so Edel and Sigrid helped her during the stay.

Granddaughter Emily Coleman and daughter Deb Duehren.

Chris Duehren (red shirt), Scott Browning, and brother Jim.

A better photo of Jim Browning

Sister in-law Sondra Browning and Edel DeMaria.

Roger Williams and daughter Linda Williams.

Our friend from our apartment stay, Halide Smith, and Jim.

Sigrid and me.

Hanging out at the house before the cake.  Grandson Tanner Coleman is on the right end of the couch.

Chris and Deb.

Roger and Linda.

Linda and Edel.

Jim and others.

Edel and Waltraud...sisters.



Opening cards and gifts.

A spinning and flaming candle gift from Halide.

Two cherry and one apple is great.

Not too hard to blow out two candles.  I love the numerical candles.  We had a bad experience on my 50th when we had 50 candles....things almost got out of hand.



Jim and me.

Emily, me, and Tanner

Deb, me, and Linda

Scott and me.

The first large group to entertain in the new home which is way smaller than the last one.

It was a truly great day and I enjoyed it very much.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Mechelene and Amanda's Wedding - 9/9/2017

The wedding took place at the Denver Botanic Gardens. There was rain forecasted but it didn't happen...the weather was perfect and the setting was beautiful. The photos posted are not the official wedding photos. I was just a guest trying to stay out of the way of the pro photographers. I was trying to get a few candid shots for the girls to go with the more formal ones. Rather than editing, I just posted everything so they can download what they want.

A beautiful wedding!