Sunday, September 9, 2018

2018 Children's Mercy Hospital Car Show

Sigrid and I went to the Children's Mercy Hospital Car Show on September 8, 2018.  This was the 2nd annual fund raiser. The show was in the Cabela's parking lot at The Legends Mall in Kansas City, Kansas.

The goal of the car show was to collect as many new toys as possible for the kids at the hospital. Before the end of the day, they had several cars stuffed full with toys and money to buy even more...a great day.  Kudos to Brian Rollett, the organizer of this event, for all his hard work and planning to make this event fun and so supportive for the children.

The rain did put a hamper on the event to some extent. Some of the real classic cars that are brought on trailers were not there...they only come out of the garage on sunny days. I know many of you are not car fanatics so realize that I am posting for the ones who love them like me. Just showing the outside of the car is not enough since a large part of the restoration and customizing money goes into the stuff under the hood.

I failed to get a good photo of Brian.  He is the guy with the hat under the tent.

The cars ranged from finished masterpieces to works in progress.

The Purple People Eater was one of my favorites.  You have to old to remember the song that was popular back in the 1950's.

You gotta love the air scoops.

This photo is of a large tow truck with the front hood tipped up to show the artwork on the highly customized truck.  You gotta love the Ninja Turtles to appreciate the art work.

The rings around the headlights change color from red to green and then blue.

A real beauty.

The Ford coupe has a Chevrolet engine.

Another one of my favorites.

The Grave Digger is one of the most famous monster trucks in shows around the country.  This toy version is crushing an old pedal car that has seen better days.

There are so many charities out there today.  It is impossible to help them all.  We have our favorites and the kids at Mercy Hospital are one of them.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Missouri Winter Wildlife In Our Back Yard - 1/14/2018

We love sitting at our dining table and watching all the wildlife in our back yard. Sigrid keeps the bird feeders full and has an apple flavored mineral block for the deer.

There are an amazing number of birds to watch because we have Fleming Park in our back yard and are only a few hundred yards from Blue Springs Lake. Fleming Park is huge with over 7,800 acres of area and two large lakes with over 1,700 acres of water.

Here are a few photos taken over the last two days. I am not a bird expert so I don't know the names of all the birds but they are fun to watch.  These are just the winter birds in Missouri.  In the spring, we will have some additional species to photo.

Of course, we have lots of deer.  Beautify animals but they like our shrubs better than the dead grasses this time of year.

A Barred Owl

White Tail Doe

A male Cardinal

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Female Cardinal

A 8 or 9 point buck.  They are fairly rare to see and are loners most of the year.

Monday, December 11, 2017

KC Country Club Plaza Christmas Lights - 11/28/2017

After having dinner with a friend on the Plaza, we took the opportunity to drive around the Plaza and enjoy the holiday lighting.  The lights are turned on each Thanksgiving evening by local celebrities and the crowds attending have number as high as 250,000 people.  This tradition got started back in 1925 with one single string of lights.

I first took photos of the lights in 1966 using an old 35mm camera, a tripod, light meter, and Kodachrome slide film.  As I recall, it took 8 seconds of exposure time for each photo.  Since I had my Canon 5D Mark III with me for dinner, I decided to take a few photos of the lights.  I didn't have a tripod but that wasn't a problem given the capabilities of the camera.  All the new photos are handheld using HDR.

I have included a few of the newly taken photos and the ones from 1966 in this post.  It is interesting to compare the buildings and the decorations with the 51 year gap in time.  Many of the same "core" buildings from 1966 are still in place on the Plaza.  They have been surrounded by modern office buildings, hotels, and condos.

For years, the lights were almost all white.  I found that boring although I am sure they were easier to maintain using the same color.  In the last few years, I have noticed a return to more colored lights.  You can still see the many colors in the 1966 photos as well as large candles and street light decor.  They don't have as much "extra" decorating now.

The 2017 photos are first up followed by the 1966 slides.

The remaining photos are from 1966.

One of the many fountains on the Plaza and in Kansas City.  KC is known as the city of fountains.

I can't believe that I waited 51 years to take new photos on the Plaza.