Monday, November 19, 2012

Missouri Mavericks Game - November 17, 2012

We still have more of our Schmid family visit coming up, but I wanted to sneak in this post for the Mavericks game we attended with our KCP&L Power Partners retirement club last Saturday.  We had about 55 club members join us a the game with was at the Independence Events Center.  This was our first hockey game and the first time to the new Events Center.  We had a good time and the center is really nice for small to medium sized events.  Sigrid enjoys ice hockey much more than baseball and I don't blame her....the action is non-stop.  We will probably go to another game in the future.  Here are a few photos from the game.  All photos were taken with Sigrid's little point and shoot camera because I was too lazy to bring the big camera....not too bad.

The Zamboni's get the ice ready.

Every sports team has a mascot...for the Mavericks, it is "Mac".

A Blue Springs elementary school music class sang the National Anthem....a nice hometown touch.

Some of the Power Partners club members.

The Mavericks played the Rapid City Rush.

A little break in the hockey was filled with a fun race using audience members.  They put on the pony gear and raced from one end of the rink and back.

Sigrid and Edel has a good time.

Unfortunately, the Mavericks lost to the Rush.

We ended the night by eating at a Japanese Steakhouse.....too much food too late for old folks but it was fun.

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