Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our New Baby Deer

Well, it really isn't ours but it is in our back yard and I hope that we will get to watch it grow into an adult. I suspect that this isn't the only photos that you will see of the baby as it grows.

Yesterday, as I was sitting at the breakfast table, I noticed something crawling in the grass near the treeline. At first it looked like a rabbit but it didn't hop and it would have been a really big rabbit. As I looked closer, I realized it was a new born deer. Mother was nearby as the baby hid in the tall grass.

I was surprised when mother wandered off into the distance grazing while leaving the baby in the grass. I walked towards the baby taking photos until I was about 15 feet away. I figured the poor baby's heart was pounding with fear so I didn't want to get any closer although I could have. The baby was trying hard to not move so I wouldn't notice it was hiding in the grass.

We left get something to eat. When we returned the baby was gone and hopefully safe. We really don't have too many predators in the neighborhood although we have seen foxes from time to time. The most dangerous thing for deer in our area is traffic.

Hopefully, there will be more later. We love the deer even though they eat our flowers.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Peru - Day 13 Part V - Videos Native Dance, Snakes, Fishing

We took a few really crude videos that some of you might find interesting. The first video is part of the welcoming ceremony inside the very dark village hut.

This dance was audience participation. I bailed out early so I could take photos of the group dancing.

The next video features flutes and dancing.

The men demonstrate the use of the blow gun in this video.

Peggy gets up close and personal with a snake in the next video.

The final video was taken while we were going deep into the back waters looking for a good place to fish for piranha. You can see how close we were to the vegetation. Paul spotted a monkey in the trees. It is very difficult to see anything in the video unfortunately.

Okay.....with this post, we are officially done with the Peru photos. We hope you enjoyed the entire series.

Peru - Day 14 Part II - Leaving For Home

We had one last great lunch at the Explorama Resort before leaving.

We got our bags packed and weighed, put on the very last clean clothes we had, and gathered at 2:30 pm for the 45 minute boat ride back to Iquitos. When we got to Iquitos, our bags were carried up the stairs from the boat dock for us. I struggled to get up the stairs with only my 20 pound carry-on bag. The guy at the bottom of the stairs has both of our 50 pound bags and someone else's large bag all in one load.........he has my respect and gratitude.

It was a nice sunny day so we took a few random shots as we drove through Iquitos to the airport. It was Paul's birthday so we all wished him well. He hadn't been home for four days and his wife had a nice dinner waiting for him at home.

We flew on LAN from Iquitos to Lima. Our flight from Lima to Miami was on American Airlines but didn't leave Lima until 10:40 pm. We arrived in Miami about 6:00 am, got breakfast and then caught a flight to Dallas, and then on to Kansas City. We actually got to our house around 3:00 pm the day after we left Peru. I would say it was a long day but it was really two long days. However, it was worth it in every way.

Sigrid loved Peru so much. This trip has now become her favorite of all time. I certainly enjoyed it as well. We both love new cultures, people, foods, natural beauty, and making new friends. We did all that and more on this trip. If anyone reading this blog is considering a trip to Peru, sign up for it now. You won't regret it.

The big question now is what to do for our next adventure.

P.S. - There is one more post coming that I nearly forgot.....videos from Day 13.

Peru - Day 14 Part I - Local Village Visits

This morning, the group visited a couple of nearby villages on the river. There were many fruit trees along the way. This will be our last adventure on this trip other than getting back home.

Paul probably provided information on what this is but the memory has faded.

Making a new oar.

She is doing all the paddling.

A peek inside a home. This is the only escape from the mosquitoes at night.

A happy family.

The grill.

The cook top.

Doing the dishes.

I thought that these guys only came out at night.

Paul hands out a treat for the kids....trail mix. Our guides are careful to inform us that dental care isn't readily available for the kids and it would be expensive in any case so we avoid giving out candies or other treats loaded with sugar.

The second village was named Indiana.

Back to the resort to have lunch, pack our bags, and head for home.