Sunday, May 1, 2011

Peru - Day 14 Part I - Local Village Visits

This morning, the group visited a couple of nearby villages on the river. There were many fruit trees along the way. This will be our last adventure on this trip other than getting back home.

Paul probably provided information on what this is but the memory has faded.

Making a new oar.

She is doing all the paddling.

A peek inside a home. This is the only escape from the mosquitoes at night.

A happy family.

The grill.

The cook top.

Doing the dishes.

I thought that these guys only came out at night.

Paul hands out a treat for the kids....trail mix. Our guides are careful to inform us that dental care isn't readily available for the kids and it would be expensive in any case so we avoid giving out candies or other treats loaded with sugar.

The second village was named Indiana.

Back to the resort to have lunch, pack our bags, and head for home.

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