Sunday, May 1, 2011

Peru - Day 13 Part V - Piranha Fishing, Snakes, & Lily Pads

Call them water taxis or buses, but these boats are the main form of transportation for the residents of the Amazon River. Every time we are out on the river, we see them. This afternoon, we are on our way to do some piranha fishing.

If you look carefully at this photo, you can see that the chickens are lined up on the side of the boat with their business ends out. My guess is that this keeps the chickens from thinking about flying off and one other reason that should be obvious to all.

We got off the Amazon and on a smaller tributary river to fish. Paul has his favorite spots. We went into an area with lots of water plants near the river bank to drop our lines. We fished with cane poles in about 6 feet of water. We used chucks of red beef for bait. We all got frequent nibbles but no strong bites. We were fishing for our dinner so this was important work.

To get the piranha's attention, you slash the water, as if one of us had fallen into the river, as you drop your line. We might have had more luck if one of us had volunteered to jump in the river.

Peggy and Paul were the only ones to catch a piranha but they were very small. Dinner was in serious trouble.

Even the little guys had impressive teeth.

We tried three different spots without success. The river was rising and Paul said that that would hurt our chances of catching anything.

So we moved on to our next adventure.

Paul took us to see some very large Lily Pads.

On the way back to the boat, we stopped by to visit with a mother and son who handled reptiles. Mom is holding a small Cayman.

They also had a Boa Constrictor and a Python. Yes, these are wild snakes on the ground at our feet.

Notice his snake boots. We didn't have any so we just had to move when the snakes came our way.

Peggy was the only one to volunteer to have the snake draped across her shoulders.

She even got comfortable enough to hold the snake's head herself. Yes, the snake would have tried to bite her if she let go of the head. It was striking at anything close by when on the ground.

Beth did well with the Cayman but she needs to keep an eye on the snake at her feet.

Day 13 comes to a close. Day 14, our final day in Peru is next.

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