Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby Deer - 2012

It is that time of year again....the flowers are blooming and so are the baby deer.  Every year we get to enjoy watching the newly born deer play in our back yard and eventually grow to maturity so they can eat our flowers.  They are cute and so delicate as are all baby animals.  I first noticed something in the grass just outside my office window.  I didn't realize it was a deer until I raised the blinds.

Baby deer don't get around well so mother leaves them hiding in the bushes (or grass) while she feeds.  The babies, of course, are still on their mother's milk.  Today, she was gone for about an hour.  I was able to walk right up to the baby for the photos while the baby tried to be still and not draw my attention.  I stayed for only a few seconds because I knew I was frightening to the baby.

 I took this photo from inside the house so you could see how close the deer was to my office.

 You can only lay curled up in a ball for so long before stretching a little.  The baby seemed very calm even with me at the window taking photos.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Powell Gardens - Power Partners - May 8. 2012

Sigrid and I joined the Power Partners Club in touring Powell Gardens on May 8th.  The club is the company sponsored retirement club for Kansas City Power & Light.  I actually retired from Aquila but KCP&L's parent company bought Aquila in 2008 so I am now an official retiree of KCP&L.  If you look back in the blog, you will see a number of past Power Partner events posted.  We do something interesting every month.

Powell Gardens is located about 30 minutes east of Lee's Summit on US 50 Highway.  I could give you the history of the Gardens, but I won't in this blog.  If you are interested in more info, Google Powell Gardens.

 Sigrid is chatting with our club Secretary, Carolyn Boehm.

 Here is a group photo....we had a good turnout for the tour.

Few of the remaining photos require notes and I don't really know what most of the flowers/plants are so just enjoy the beauty of nature.

 There is a nice chapel in the Gardens.  It is available for weddings or other appropriate event.

 This is a Lilac Tree.  The fragrance filled the air all around the tree....I am allergic to Lilac so I didn't hang around too long.

 As we walked past the Lilac Tree, we heard multiple screams from a group of school kids who were also touring that day.  A Black Snake had crossed the sidewalk immediately in front of the kids.  The snake was no doubt scared to death and was moving as fast as he could through the grass towards some bushes.

We ended the afternoon with lunch at the cafe.  The owner and chef of the Farm House Cafe in Kansas City is also the chef here and the sandwiches were excellent.