Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pam & Rick Baldwin's Wedding - 3/16/2013

It was double duty for me this last weekend at my Stepdaughter's wedding.  I had the honor of walking her down the isle and being the wedding photographer.  Sigrid helped out greatly with the photos, especially while I was busy.  Sigrid is getting very good with our Canon Rebel SLR.

Pam and Rick's wedding was held at the Eastside Baptist Church in Independence.  Here are a few photos from the wedding.

Scott's (Son) friend Cathy Isom-Jones provided the cakes and table decor.  The cakes were beautiful and were awesomely tasty.

Pam Juliana, soon to be Baldwin, just before the ceremony.

Rick's two sisters were bridesmaids.  Their daughters and Rick's mother are with Pam in the photo.

Linda's (Stepdaughter) two children, Tanner and Emile Coleman, walk the aisle spreading flower petals.  Linda's wedding is in May.


Pam and I walk down the aisle.


Pam's youngest son, Tony.

Rick's mother and father with the couple.

Pam's mother Joan with friend Bill.

Pam and Rick with their minister.

Roger and Linda...just two months away from their marriage.

Pam's side of the family attending the wedding.

Sigrid and John, of course.  Photo taken by Cathy Isom-Jones.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hollee and Justin's Wedding - 2/23/2013

As you can tell from the non-chronological order of our posts , I am catching up on blog postings.  Sometimes our Adventures come in bunches and it takes a while to get the photos and the posts ready to go.  There are also priorities associated with the topics as well.

Here are just a few of the nearly 1,000 photos that Sigrid and I took at Hollee and Justin's wedding.  Hollee is my brother Jim's step-daughter.  The family relationship is the only reason we agreed to take the photos.  We don't really don't want to be a wedding photographers.  The work is hard and the pressure is high compared to our usual types of Adventure photos.  Normally, if you take photos and then don't like what you have, you can just pitch them all and say, oh well, better luck next time.  When you shoot a wedding, you have the hopes and dreams of a young couple and all their family members in your second chances.

Sigrid and I want to wish the newly weds all the best in their new life together!

The wedding and reception were held in Davis Hall, a very rustic building in Wyandotte County Park in Kansas City, Kansas.

 Holle and her mother, Sondra, made all the table decorations themselves...very neat.

Sometimes Black and White looks pretty good.

This color version was made to look like it was done in Water Color using Photo Shop.

Here, only the Bridal Bouquet and the rings are in color.

It was a great wedding for a really nice young couple.

Harley Davidson Plant Tour - 3/12/2013

Sigrid and I joined others from the KCP&L Power Partners Retirement Club in touring Kansas City's Harley Davidson Plant this week.  The plant can only handle about 20 people per tour so we had to set up four different groups over two days to accommodate all those wanting to see the plant.  Cameras are not allowed in the plant so I only have photos of the outside of the plant and the visitors center.

After a short video on the history of the company, we donned out safety glasses and headsets to tour the plant.  The plant manufactures the Harley Sportster, Dyna Series, and VRSC models including the V-Rod with the Revolution water cooled engine.  The actual engines and transmission are made at another Harley plant in Wisconsin.  In KC, they make the frames, wheels, and fuel tanks from scratch and assemble the cycle with other key components from other plants.  The cycle takes it's first breath in the plant as each one is tested coming off the line.

The factory was built in 1998 and has 358,000 square feet under roof.  Extensive use of robots for welding, cutting, grinding, and painting helps to ensure quality.  I loved the laser cutting machine used to trim the fenders.


Our tour guide signs us in for the event.