Saturday, August 16, 2014

King Tut Exhibit at Union Station in Kansas City - 8/12/2014

On another of our KCPL Power Partner monthly outings, we toured the King Tut Exhibit at Union Station in Kansas City on August 12, 2014.  We had about 30 people in our group this month.  Our friend, Edel, joined us on this adventure.

It wouldn't seem that looking at replicas would be satisfying to the history buff but the replicas are unbelievably good.  They were done by Egyptian craftsmen who had access to the original items.  The only way to see the originals now is to travel to Cairo, Egypt and then you would not be able to see them all since most of the originals are kept away from public view.  They even have replicas in Cairo for the public.  It is said that the replicas are so good that they made one Egyptologist cry with joy when he saw them for the first time.

In creating the replicas, they used lots of high tech tools like laser scanners and 3D printers.  The 3D printer was used to create the mummy of King Tut.  It is so realistic that it almost smells.

The photo below is of the side entrance to Union Station as you leave the parking garage.  Most photos of the Station are from the front.

One of our group's organizers, David Martin, greeted Sigrid in King Tut style.

I am not going to try to identify every item in the exhibit.  I recommend that you visit the exhibit yourself, even if it means travel to do it.  The exhibit is worth travelling to see.

Audio players were provided to provide personal commentary as you moved through the exhibit.  The exhibit is self guided so people move at their own pace....a good idea.  The commentary is excellent.

The Rosetta Stone is written in three languages.

A life sized statue of King Tut.  He became a pharaoh at age 8 and died mysteriously about age 19.  His successor destroyed much of the evidence of Tut's existence after his death.  That is why Tut is referred to as the forgotten King. 

This is what Howard Carter, the person who discovered the tomb, saw in the ante room before the main chambers were excavated.

This is the replica of King Tut's mummy.

Sigrid and Edel really enjoyed the exhibit.

Lunch for the group followed the tour.  We ate at Harvey's in the grand hall of Union Station.

A crab cake on polenta for Sigrid.

A good ole bacon cheese burger for me...really good.

Sigrid and Edel visit with other retirees at our table.  We had five tables at Harvey's for lunch.

It was another great event for the club.  Go and see the exhibit if you can.