Monday, August 4, 2014

James A Reed Wildlife Refuge Sunflowers & Supermoon - 7/14/2014

The following photos were actually taken over three visits to the James A Reed Wildlife Refuge in July 2014.  Sigrid and I first went and had breakfast as the sun rose.  We wanted to get the sunflowers in the golden light of sunrise.  We also had a supermoon that was setting as the sun rose so we did our best to capture that as well.  We had such a good time that Sigrid came back with a couple of friends to see the flowers.  We then brought our grand daughter, Petra, back for breakfast when she spent the weekend with us.  We made the most of the blooming time for the sunflowers.  The sunflowers are planted by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Parks Department to provide food for the migratory birds that stop over at the refuge.

The supermoon looks pretty small against the backdrop of a huge sunflower field.

Sigrid is using my old Canon Rebel XTi instead of her usual point and shoot camera to get better quality photos.

We really worked up an appetite tromping through the fields.  Mickey D's took care of that for us. 

The supermoon was really faint near the tree line but appeared to be larger.

The refuge has at least eight lakes/ponds for the wildlife.

Water Lilies decorated several of the lakes.

This dragonfly was on a lily pad at least 10 feet from shore.  I had the 400mm lens on.  Hand holding with a breeze and with the pads bobbing up and down made for a difficult photo....not too bad all things considered.

Sigrid came back to the refuge with friends Mary Ellen and Edel just to enjoy the flowers.

Sigrid has an eye for a good photo and did well with her point and shoot.

This is our third and final time back with Petra.

The corn is getting pretty high in a field near the refuge.  We stole a couple of ears that were not really ready yet.  We took them so we ate them.

Interestingly enough, we get to the refuge by driving on Browning Road.  No relation as far as I know.

Petra had cereal for breakfast.

A beautiful day in every way.

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