Monday, March 4, 2013

Comments on the Blog

After one particularly vicious, mean spirited, totally off topic, and uncalled for comment was posted on our blog, I changed settings so that comments were "Moderated".  That means that nothing shows on the blog until we approve it.  We also requested that those commenting use the "word verification" step to prevent automated spamming.  That step tended to impede those good people who might otherwise leave a comment because the "word verification" presented to them was often bazaar and difficult to they said to hell with it.

I decided to lift the Moderation to see what would happen because we do want people to leave comments.  Within a day, we were hit by spam comments from India.  We don't want that trash on our blog so Moderation is back in force.  We are experimenting now with Moderation without "word verification".  We will see what happens.

It is too bad that you have to fight this kind of invasion, but you do.


  1. Amazingly enough, I am getting spam comments on this posting. You will never see them because I just deleted them. What kind of fool thinks that they can spam my anti-spam post?

  2. Sorry Alicia, your software peddling spam didn't make it either.