Sunday, May 1, 2011

Peru - Day 13 Part V - Videos Native Dance, Snakes, Fishing

We took a few really crude videos that some of you might find interesting. The first video is part of the welcoming ceremony inside the very dark village hut.

This dance was audience participation. I bailed out early so I could take photos of the group dancing.

The next video features flutes and dancing.

The men demonstrate the use of the blow gun in this video.

Peggy gets up close and personal with a snake in the next video.

The final video was taken while we were going deep into the back waters looking for a good place to fish for piranha. You can see how close we were to the vegetation. Paul spotted a monkey in the trees. It is very difficult to see anything in the video unfortunately.

Okay.....with this post, we are officially done with the Peru photos. We hope you enjoyed the entire series.

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