Thursday, June 2, 2011

Germany - Day 1 Part II - Unterburg, Schloss Burg

After a short drive we arrived at Unterburg to visit the Schloss Burg. The literal translation of Schloss Burg is "Castle Castle". A "Schloss" is a very large and elaborate building like a castle and a "burg" is a fortified building which could also refer to a castle.

Another neat little German town. They don't create these towns to look like they do in fairy tales.......this is just the way they are. Every large/small town has these same types of old buildings that are maintained so well. Europeans don't tend to tear down old buildings to make way for new ones like we do here. Many of the old homes and business' are kept in the family for generations. In the smaller towns, they still have local bakers, butchers, and other shops that they walk to or bike to each day for their needs. The large box type stores like Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, etc. are reserved mostly for the large cities.

To get to Schloss Burg, which is on the top of the hill as a castle should be, we took the chair lift.

Gisela and Georg are on the chair in front of Sigrid and me. The seats were narrow and a little slippery so the ride was interesting for me.

Almost there.

The town on top of the hill was picturesque and dominated by the castle buildings.

We looked but didn't ride.

Lots of restaurants at the top. This is a tourist attraction for Germans as well as international travellers like us.

The castle has been destroyed and rebuilt and expanded a number of times over the years. At one time this was a hunting castle for royalty. Can you imagine having a castle that you only visit when you want to go hunting?

The castle courtyard.

What's to eat?

Archbishop Englebert II (1185-1225).....a past resident and largely responsible for the building of the castle.

What goes up must come down if you want to get back to where the car is parked.

Gisela and Georg followed us down.

On our way back home to rest and get ready for another day.

Day II will be a Rhine River walk and Georg and Gisela's home.

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