Monday, June 6, 2011

Germany - Day 4 Part II - More Zons

This is the rest of the Zons post. Too many photos in one posting gives the Blogger indigestion.

St Martinus Church - around 1300.

We always enjoy looking in the Backerei (Bakery) windows.

The May Pole can still be seen in the square.

The troops of the Archbishop of Cologne (yes, the church was a military power in those days) stole 50 pigs from the villagers. Ultimately, the Archbishop compensated the villagers for the pigs. This was considered a victory for the even bigger deal than taking on the US Federal Government and winning. As a result, the event is memorialized in the statue and fountain at the city square.

Any old excuse for a photo op. The backs of the pigs were polished bright by many other pairs of pants so we weren't the first.

The wind mill was originally a military tower, but was converted at some point to mill grain.

This photo could be turned into a painting.....maybe I will try that.

Coal mining is next.

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