Thursday, June 2, 2011

Germany - Day 2 Part I - Georg & Gisela's Home

After a very good nights sleep, we started a new day in Georg & Gisela's back yard. They have a huge patio that is shaded most of the day. We ate many of our evening meals outside. The weather was perfect with sunshine and 72 - 80 degrees by noon.

Sigrid and Georg relaxing in the yard early in the morning. As you can see, the yard is big and beautifully landscaped. Both Georg and Gisela enjoy working in the yard and have continuously added features to the landscape over the 20+ years that they have lived there.

The early morning light has a warm color that I really like.

The most recent feature that Gisela added was the pond and three tiered water fall....very professionally done.

Their yard is like a botanical garden with dozens of different types of flowering plants.

As you are beginning to see, we spent every spare minute we had in the garden.

Pine cones.

Sigrid is getting her Vitamin D.

I could have showed you lots more flower photos from the garden, but I am determined to make these posts smaller than the ones from Peru. Next up is a walk along the banks of the Rhine River.

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