Sunday, June 5, 2011

Germany - Day 3 Part IV - Nurburgring Race Track

Our next stop of the day was at the internationally famous Nurburgring Motorsport Complex in Nurburg. The track history goes back to 1920 and it is the host for racing events of all kinds as well as auto manufactures track testing. Grand Prix races are held several times each year here with Formula 1 type cars and motorcycles.

The track is 22.8 km or 14.2 miles in length. The current single lap record time is held by Ferrari at just under 7 minutes. The track is open to the public for taking laps at a cost of about $34 for each lap. Each year, from 3 to 12 people lose their lives to racing at the track.

If you would like to see what it look like to take a lap in a Corvette, check out the Youtube video link:

Lots of Porsche's racing today.



A different Corvette.


I hope you focused on the cars and not the graffiti.

It was lots of fun watching the racing. We saw more than one close call. Next up is another "Burg".

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