Monday, June 27, 2011

Germany - Day 6 Part II - More Rhine River Cruise and Rudesheim

In Europe, the old and new are a perfect fit and every city has both.

Arriving at the City of Bingen.

Up on the hill overlooking the Rhine, is the Niederwald Monument with the bronze statue called "Germania". The monument celebrates the re-establishment of the German Kaiser Reich after the conclusion of the Franco-Prussian War in 1871.

Just across the river from Bingen is Rudesheim. We will get off here to look around town and get something to eat. It is late afternoon and we haven't eaten since breakfast.

Rudesheim is a big tourist draw and is famous for its wines and other liquors.

Probably the most famous location in the city is Drosselgasse. A "strasse" is a street and a "gasse" is a narrow alley. Drosselgasse is also known as "wine alley". The gasse is lined with restaurants and shops selling wines and other touristy stuff.....and it is narrow and crowded.

A guy dressed as a chimney sweep patrolled the crowds trying to make eye contact or catch you taking his photo whereupon he would become your best friend and stick his hand out for money.

After checking out the town, we found a good looking restaurant and settled in for a meal.

After studying the menu and the schedule for the ship, we realized that we only had 20 minutes to get back to the docks or the boat (the last one of the day) would leave without us. It was not in our plans to spend the night in Rudesheim, so set headed back to the boat at "mach schnell" pace. As we arrived at the boat, they were in the process of removing the mooring lines but we were able to get back on the boat.

Fortunately, they served food on the boat and it was actually pretty good.

There were way too many castles, cities, and interesting sights for me to detail in this blog. If you want more information, I am sure that you could web search on the "mid to upper Rhine (Rhein)" or Goggle Earth the river betwwen Braubach and Rudesheim. We got back down river much quicker than the trip up but it was still dark when we got back to the car. What a great day!

More to come on Day 7.

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