Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Germany - Day 7 & 8 Part I - More Rudesheim

Day 7 was actually a rest day so there are no photos. You need a lazy day every so often or you don't enjoy the sightseeing nearly as much.

On Day 8, we began to make our way towards Sigrid's sisters home near Frankfurt. We were disappointed at the short time we had in Rudesheim during the Rhine River Cruise, so we decided to stop in again to really enjoy the scenic and photogenic town.

As we walked from the parking area, we passed the Asbach visitors center. If you know your German Brandy/Chocolates, this name should be familiar.

Carl Jung is a well known wine producer and also located in Rudesheim.

Yes, Rudesheim is a tourist town and they dress it up for all the international visitors.

If you can't find a good photo op here, there is something wrong with you.

If you are wondering about the extra blue sky......I have my polarizing filter on today aside from the fact that it was a beautiful day for starters.

By the way, we are "drive by - walk by" photograhers. We don't use a tripod and we don't wait for the right moment to take photos.....that would slow us down too much. Our trips are about seeing and doing and the photos mostly document what we did so we will have memories in our old age and so we can share what we saw with friends and family.

We are on the Drosselgasse again today.

An old Nash auto.

A train takes tourists around town....we walked.

This is the second Cafe Edel we saw on the trip. We will send our good friend Edel a copy of the photo. She will really enjoy it.

It was a little warm, so ice cream (Eis) hit the spot.

The kids enjoyed it as well.

Some of the entrances to pubs and restaurants are very elaborate.

A really yellow house.

The fire house.

We walked up the hill from town to get a good view of the town and to check out the vineyards.

There is a lift that takes you up to the memorial if you don't want to walk (see last post).

A panoramic view of Rudesheim and the Rhine.

Old Rudesheimer Restaurant and Cafe.

Next up in Part II, we spend the night at an old family winery.

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