Thursday, June 30, 2011

Germany - Day 9 - Traveling to Bischofsheim

On the way to Sonja's house, Sigrid's sister, we stopped at Schloss Philipsruhe in Hanau. Georg and Gisela hadn't been there before. The 18th century castle is impressive as are the grounds surrounding it. The castle is now a public park, museum, library, etc.

There was a wedding party in the castle as we arrived.

A different bridal party was being photographed on the lawn outside the schloss.

The bride and groom emerge.

I am pretty sure it was a Russian wedding based on the band playing by the front door.

Here go the balloons.....up


And away.

Swans on the Main River.

The Main River also sees heavy barge and tour boat traffic during the warm months.

We took a nice walk through old Hanau.

After arriving at Sonja's home we had time to visit and eat the traditional German afternoon dessert and coffee. Sonja's husband, Klaus, is on the right side of the table. Their home is in Bischofsheim, a small town on the northeastern edge of Frankfurt.

Sonja is next to Klaus.

After eight great days, we had to say goodbye to Georg, Gisela, and Lars. We will spend the next few days with Sonja and family and attend Jonas' confirmation ceremony. Gisela and family are preparing for a 3 1/2 week trip to the US in just a few days so they have to go home and get ready. We will miss being with them, but plan to Skype often as they travel the Southwestern US in May.

Next up is the Confirmation on Day 10.

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