Monday, July 4, 2011

Germany - Day 12 - Part I - Gemunden Monastery

After the Confirmation events concluded, we left with Sigrid's brother and wife, Eckhart & Waltraut, to spend a few days with them at their home in Wachtersbach. Day 11 was a day of rest and a chance to visit.

On May 17th, Day 12, we hopped in the car for some sight seeing. Our first stop was Gemunden am Main. This is the location of the Schonau Abby which is a Friar Minor Monastery. The Abby was first built and named the Immaculate Conception Monastery in 1189. As is always the case, there is loads of history you can Google if you are interested.

Figures of two Roman soldier martyrs (Victor & Antonin) stand guard at the entrance.

Another very pretty old church.

When we first entered the church, there were two monks reciting prayers so we held off on touring until they were done.

Glass enclosed cases on both sides of the alter contain relics of Victor and Antonin. I still don't know exactly what is meant by "relics". There were certainly suits of armor but I don't know if there were any actual remains enclosed.

July 7th Update.....I finally got around to Googling "historic relics" and found that they do include the bodies or whatever parts of bodies are available.


We are now off to Lohr am Main.

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