Monday, July 18, 2011

26th Annual Sugar Creek Missouri Slavic Festival

In June, we went to the 26th Annual Sugar Creek Slavic Festival. This was our second visit. We took the grandkids with us this time. We were a little worried about how much they would enjoy the festival, but that wasn't a problem. They enjoyed the park, the food, and the live music. This was their first exposure to a band like this.....and particularly the accordion. The ladies below are in full dress as they hold down the souvenir tables.

It tasted lots better than it looked.

Petra deep in thought.

Tyler chowing down a burger.

The band.

The somewhat intimidating or photo shy accordion player.

Lots of music.

Tyler got a free book from the KC Library table.

Tyler and Petra enjoyed bouncing around in the tent.

We were there early in the afternoon. They were just setting up the band stand. There would be much more music in the evening.

Sigrid looks a little tired.

Sigrid took some nice portrait shots of the kids.

Tyler was tired after the festival.

Petra is always full of it.

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