Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Edel's 70th Birthday Party

Edel's birthday was actually May 19th, but we were in Germany then and it took nearly a month for us to all find a time to get together and celebrate with Edel. We finally settled on a picnic and pontoon boat ride on June 15th at Lake Jacomo. This was the second day in a row on a pontoon boat for Sigrid.

Lakewood is just across I-470 from Lake Jacomo. Jacomo is a much larger lake but is owned and operated by Jackson County, MO (now you get the JaCoMo) and has a natural shoreline.

Several friends and family attended and had a great time. Most of Edel's friends were also originally from Germany so there was occasional foreign lingo spoken.

Cindy and Elke.

Edel and Elke talk just after Edel arrived. It was a surprise party.

Ann sat with me, the token male and cook. Of course, we had brats.

The boat shed at Jacomo.

Edel enjoying the sun and surf.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there was also wine.

Sigrid tries her hand at being the Captain.

A beautiful day.

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