Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Germany - Day 18 to 20 - Ice Cream and Heading For Home

On Day 18, we drove to the campus of the University of Frankfurt to walk through the botanical gardens. I did take photos as we walked, but felt that they weren't special enough to post since this blog is already loaded with floral photos.

On Day 19, we just hung around Sonja's house and enjoyed Klaus' BBQ. We did take the boys to get some Italian Eis (Ice Cream). the Italians really know how to do Eis and they have shops all over Germany. When it gets cold, many of them close up and go back to Italy for the winter. This was a real treat for the boys.

On Day 20, we got up early to get to the airport. Sonja and Klaus drove us there and we visited for a short time before we had to get to our plane. It can take 30 minutes to go through immigration, customs, and security. When you land back in the U. S., it takes even longer to run the gauntlet.

It was a long flight back home....8 1/2 hours against a head wind. We loved the visit very much, but it is always good to sleep in your own bed at the end of a long day.

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