Saturday, July 9, 2011

Germany - Day 15 - Seligenstadt am Main

Today we visited the ancient city of Seligenstadt am Main. The city is built on the site of a Roman fort that was manned by 500 Legionaires around 100 AD.......that nearly 2,000 years ago. The photo below is of the Einhard-Basilika. Construction on the Basilika began in 830 AD. As with so many of the older buildings, it has been restored and added to over the centuries.

In the gold box are the relics (bones) of Saints Marcellinus and Peter which were brought from Rome.

Adjoining the Basilika is the former Benedictine Abby. The Abby was first built in 815 AD. They still maintain the Abby gardens as a public park.

Sigrid, Klaus, and Sonja tour the gardens.

The Abby was destroyed by the Swedes during the 30 Years War. It was rebuilt in 1658.

While some hate to see a historic site like this commercialized, the money generated is what keeps the site maintained for posterity.

Heading for the Market Square.

The May Pole is still decorated in the Square.

Splish splash in a Roman bath.

City Hall.

The Romanisches House is just off the Square. It was built in 1187.

A ferry operates to carry vehicles across the Main River.

The biggest surprise of the day was finding a 1954 Corvette near where we parked our car. This car was perfectly restored and one of only a few hundred ever manufactured. Who would have expected to find one in Germany?

Next up is Marburg.


  1. The Swedish king had spared the town destruction and burning in return for the townsmen’s tribute. As he went forth with his army, though, the occupation troops who had been left behind plundered the town and the abbey anyway. In 1685, the abbey and convent buildings were newly built.Therefore, actually the Swedish and Finnish Cavalry did not demolish the Abbey but the perpetrators were the Mercenaries that were left behind.

  2. Thanks for adding your comments to the blog. I like to have accurate information for the viewers. Since I am not an expert on all the places we visit, I sometimes fall victim to generalized or incorrect information as I try to add value to the blog photos.