Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We Are Back From Peru

We returned from our two week adventure in Peru yesterday afternoon. It was a great trip. We are still sorting out stuff, catching up on e-mails, mail, Quicken, and doing laundry. It will be a few days before I can start posting the photos and commentary on the trip. Sigrid and I took nearly 4,000 photos and not all of them are good, so I have lots of work to do to find the good ones and begin posting. I also have to do a little research on where were we were so I can provide good commentary. Several people on the trip were keeping detailed diaries full of information. Not me. Now I have to look at the photos and figure out where we were when we took them......need to do better on the next big trip. Peru is beautiful from the Andes Mountains to the tropical jungles of the Amazon River.

The people of Peru are extraordinarily friendly and glad to have you visit their county. We loved it and would recommend that you visit if possible. Machu Picchu, the center piece of the trip, was stunning. The food was similar to things we eat here in the US, but just enough different via spices and mixtures to be very interesting and delicious.

The trip was ambitious with 10 different airline flights, seven hotels, and transportation by bus, train, boats, and mucho walking. We spent several days at locations over 8,000 feet. Puno/Lake Titicaca was 12,500 feet. One mountain pass we drove through was 14,550 feet, which is a new ground altitude record for Sigrid and me. Our previous record was Pike's Peak at 14,115 feet. Other than a few headaches, no one suffered from altitude sickness. While cool, the high altitude locations were pleasant. We changed things up by spending the last four days at near sea level in the tropical jungle near Iquitos on the Amazon River. There, we had 90+ degree temperatures, very high humidity, and lots of mosquitoes.

The tour guides throughout the trip were very knowledgeable and all around great people who took good care of us made the visit truly outstanding. If they happen to view this blog, I want to thank them again for helping create a wonderful trip. Equally great were the other members of our group of 12 adventurers. The group started with KU Alumni, but the tour organizer, Odysseys Unlimited, added a couple of very nice ladies from the University of Arizona to keep an eye on the Jayhawks.

Okay.....there is the back ground for the up coming postings. There will be a posting for each day of the trip and, in some cases, there could be more than one if we had lots of photos on a particular day. There will be more photos in each posting than we would normally include because several people are counting on our photos to supplement the pictures that they took on the trip. We love to share and invite you to send a link to this blog to your friends and family. Blogging is lots of work and it wouldn't be worthwhile if we didn't share and bring a little joy to others.

An index to the postings is on the right side of the blog page. You will probably have to click on a "date" to expand the list of postings so you can find the one you want to view. The postings also stack on top of each other so that the first posting is at the bottom of the stack.

If you would like to see a larger version of the blog photo, just click on it. To return to the blog, click on the "back arrow" at the top left corner of the enlarged photo's screen. You can also download any of the photos to your computer by "right clicking" on the photo and selecting "Save Picture As..." and then specifying where to save the photo on your computer. The blog photos have been reduced in size and resolution to save uploading time and storage space. The photos should be good for up to 4 x 6 size prints (Scrapbooking). If you want the full size file for any of the photos, let me know and I will e-mail it to you.

Much more to come.....

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