Monday, April 18, 2011

Peru - Day 9 Part I - Lake Titicaca, Boating to Los Uros

Puno just across Lake Titicaca from our hotel.

More of Lake Titicaca from the back side of the hotel. You can see the reed beds that are so valuable to the people living on the lake. You can also see the floating islands of Los Uros in the distance (enlarge the photo).

This morning, we are boating over to Los Uros. Our boat awaits us at the hotel dock.

Our tour guide for the day tells us a little about what we will see when we arrive. Sorry, I forgot his name.

Our hotel on the hill as we leave the dock.

Of course, Victor is with us today. We all feel very well taken care of with Victor with us. He is totally on top of everything that will or can happen.

The Puno shoreline.

Welcome to the floating islands of Los Uros.

The greeting party is already assembled.

Her dress makes her pretty easy to locate on the island.

This map is hard to read without enlarging the photo. Los Uros is just a little ways from Puno. After we leave Los Uros, we are going to Isla Taquile which is east and a little north of Los Uros. The red line in the middle of the lake is the border with Bolivia. By the way, Lake Titicaca is South America's largest lake and is among the worlds highest navigable lakes at 12,500 feet. The lakes average depth is 351 ft, but it's deepest spot is 932 ft. It has a surface area of 3,232 sq miles so it is almost half the size of Lake Ontario.

Part II will deal with the presentation on how the islands are made and their history. I had to break this day up into several posts due to the large number of photos. I wanted to get all the good people photos posted for those in our group who want to download the photos that we took of them.

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