Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Peru - Day 6 Part II - More Aguas Calientes, Train Ride to Ollantaytambo, Cusco

We walked around a little more in town before lunch. I am amazed at Aguas Calientes. It looks like it could fall right into the river if the water level got any higher.

We are suckers for flowers and have to take a picture when we see one that looks a little different.

When it rains, everyone puts out their buckets and pans to catch the rain water. I don't know what they do with it and didn't ask.

A couple having fun struggle over who gets to use the broom.

Construction workers take a break to watch the soccer match just below them.

Local security.

Even Sigrid managed to photo hummingbirds with her little camera. That is a real feat to brag about.

Lunch at the Inkaterra just before boarding the train to Ollantaytambo.

More fine dining.

But wait.....not long after we got on the train, another meal was served. As you can see, even the train food looks gourmet. As I said before, we ate well in Peru. Fortunately, we also got lots of exercise to go along with the food. I lost 10 pounds on the trip so I don't feel at all guilty for eating all the great meals.

We were entertained by a clown/devil while on the train. Sorry I can't give you more information on who the character is or why he is there. I missed whatever explanation was given for the appearance.

We also had a fashion show to entertain us while travelling. The train attendants modeled several pieces of clothing using the aisle as a runway. The clothing was available for purchase at the end of the show.

We transferred to a bus in Ollantaytambo for the rest of the trip back to Cusco. When we arrived, it was Saturday night and the streets were full of people.

The front door of our hotel.....the Hotel Libertador Cuzco. Sigrid had a rough night due to the Incan Revenge. Off all the many medicines and supplies we brought for the trip, we realized that we did not have the Cipro (antibiotic). Fortunately, we were able to use another person's supply along with Gatorade and a special packet we got from Victor. We are forever grateful for everyone's help.

More Cusco tomorrow. By the way, I choose to use the Peruvian spelling of Cusco rather then the Cuzco that you are more likely to see.

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