Friday, April 8, 2011

Peru - Day 3 Part II - Sonesta Posada del Inca Hotel and Offering to the Earth Ceremony

The Sonesta Posada del Inca is an old monastery that has been converted to a wonderful hotel. We will be here for two nights. As you can see, we aren't exactly roughing it in Peru. The hotel grounds are lavishly landscaped with beautiful mountain views.

A snow covered peak can be seen over the green slopes of the mountains next to the hotel.

Carson was behind the camera on this photo.....thanks.

The Chapel.

I couldn't resist an artistic twist on this photo.

Sigrid made a new friend.

Beer time before the ceremony and dinner.

The priest and his assistant prepare for the "Offering to the Earth" Ceremony with Victor looking on.

The priest prepares an offering to the Earth Goddess. The offering consists of all sorts of items, each with a special significance. The main item offered is the coca leaves with several leaves for each person at the ceremony.

As you can see, there is an interesting collection of items in the offering, including vanilla wafers.

The offering as wrapped as a gift.

We then proceeded outside for the rest of the ceremony. There, the priest had a fire built for the final phase of the offering.

Each person held the gift and made a silent wish. Most people didn't discuss their wishes, but it would be my guess that many wished for good weather at Machu Picchu.

Beer is poured around the firebox and then the offering is placed in the fire.

The priest was pleased with the smoke as it rose from the fire. It went straight up into the air, which is a good sign. Good weather at Machu Pucchu was just about guaranteed now.

Another fantastic day in the books.

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