Friday, April 22, 2011

Peru - Day 10 Part I - Leaving Puno

This morning, we start our travel to Juliaca for a flight back to Lima later in the day. We have lots to see along the way. The photo below is one of several panoramas in this posting that you just have to enlarge to fully appreciate. Downloading and viewing full screen will show even more detail. This is Puno across the water from our hotel room.

We took a walk early in the morning to the hotels garden. The views were great from there.

Another view of Puno. This one is prettier than the first one.

This is the other side looking towards Los Uros and the main part of Lake Titicaca. You can see the channel through the reeds that the boats take. It is almost like a road.

Our first stop in Puno was the market. This is the supermarket of the Costco's here.

I am betting that we ate many of the vegetables in the photos while here but I can't identify some of them.

The carrots are huge.

Lima beans......I didn't like them growing up but I have developed a taste for them now.

As we see so often as we travel, there is no refrigeration for most meats in the markets. When you get home, you have to cook it well and eat it.

We ate the white corn several times while here and enjoyed it.


Some say the head is the best part, but I will trade you for the tenderloin.

Plenty of eggs. They don't refrigerate eggs in Europe either.

We never saw a forklift while here. Some of the loads that we saw people carrying were back-breakers.

The group of 12.

Kids coming home from school in their uniforms.

The young and the old.

Puno's plaza.

It was pretty congested due to a protest rally of some sort.

From the hills above Puno. You can see our hotel (white building) on the lake shore.

We are on our way to the ruins at Sillustani.

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