Friday, April 22, 2011

Peru - Day 10 Part II - Ruins of Sillustani

We are on our way to the burial ruins of Sillustani. The round and sometimes square burial towers are unique structures. The Colla tribe were non-Incan people living near Lake Umayo.

The Incas get much credit for their fine stone work and they deserve it, but during the trip, we have seen many examples for pre-Incan and non-Incan stone work that was just as good as any at Machu Picchu. So, the Incan's simply learned well from predecessors and other stone masters. They did not invent the techniques for fitting stones precisely.

Lake Umayo.

Sigrid and Terri Butler at the top of the burial field.

The Colla's used stones to create roofs rather than the wooden thatched roofs more common at lower altitudes. The roofs of the Chullpas (burial towers) have all collapsed over the years.

We will continue our trip with a visit to a farm compound near here.

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