Friday, April 22, 2011

Peru - Day 10 Part III - Farm Family

We were greeted at the front gate by one of the family's llamas.

The farm has several buildings surrounded by a wall forming what I will call a compound. I don't know why the buildings are protected by the wall. I don't know if that keeps things out or keeps them in. I should have asked.

The kids were cute.

The ever present bulls were in place over the entry arch.

The homes do not have heat. When it is cold, you throw on another blanket. The beds looked a little hard for my taste, but I am spoiled. People adapt to what they have and seem to be happy. That's great.

The ladies demonstrated how food was prepared using grinding stones.

Cooking is done outdoors to avoid problems with thatched roofs and smoke inside the houses.

Every household has its Guinea Pigs for different than raising chickens.

A display of some of the foods that they grow and eat.

Everyone we have met in Peru has been very friendly and made us feel welcome. We are so lucky to be able to take this trip. Sigrid says that this is her favorite of all the places we have been.

We made back to Juliaca for our flight back to Lima. This will be the second flight with the local airline, LAN. I have nothing but good things to say about LAN. They are equal or better than any of the U. S. airlines. This was the first time for us to fly on an Airbus 319. It is a good plane and very similar to a Boeing 737.

Once we collected our luggage, the remaining eight of us walked to the nearby Del Sol Ramada Lima for the night. Our other four friends who were heading home stayed at the airport to catch a flight back to Miami. The Ramadas in Peru are about the same as the ones in the U. S. which isn't good. The only reason to stay there is the convenience it affords.

Tomorrow, we get on another LAN flight to Iquitos for the second part of our adventure.

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