Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Peru - Day 11 Part II - The Explorama Resort

At the top of the stairs coming from the dock on the river, we have the hut that was the meeting place for all of our excursions while at Explorama.

Our rooms. They were very nice with air conditioning.

As you walk around the resort, you do so on a combination of concrete sidewalks and boardwalks.

We ate three meals a day at the resort office/restaurant building. It was a very large open structure that was completely screened in. Ceiling fans kept the building very comfortable despite the 90 degree heat and humidity. The food was great at every meal. We really enjoyed the menus and found that they were not as different from what we might eat at home as you might think. Some items, like the local catfish, was far better than what we have in the U. S.

The boardwalk and steps leading to the dock. I wish I had photoed the steps down near the river. They had painted the high water marks and dates on the steps showing just how high the river could get. The river was fairly high when we were there, but based on the step markings, it has been about 10 feet higher in just recent years. As we looked at some of the huts along the river, it was obvious that they would be under water at times.

It looks like everyone just relaxed while here, but that was far from the truth. This was a demanding adventure as you will see. Sigrid did fall in love with the hammocks. We had to buy one for home when we returned.

Sigrid wasn't the only one enjoying the relaxation. Terri and Peggy also spent time in the hammocks.

What we don't have at home is the stalks of fresh bananas hanging from the rafters. Sigrid ate lots of them while swing in the hammocks.

The resort had their own water purification system and was the only place we visited in Peru where you could drink the tap water. It is a real luxury to be able to brush your teeth using running water rather than bottled water.

The resort had a nice pool. A few people from other groups used the pool but I don't think that anyone from our group did. We were to busy sightseeing. We almost had the resort to ourselves. I don't think that there were more than 30 people staying there counting our group of 12. I understand that a group of over 100 were coming the next week after we left.

After lunch we took a jungle walk.

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