Saturday, April 30, 2011

Peru - Day 13 Part II - Pink Dolphins

We are on our way to visit a local village and will look for pink dolphins on the way. I always enjoy the boat rides.

Seeing the dolphins is pretty hard, photographing them is even harder. First, the dolphins don't jump out of the water like whales are know for doing (or if they do they were saving it for someone else). You only see them for a second as they take a breath and re-submerge. They don't have big dorsal fins so there isn't much to see. They tend to blend into the color of the muddy water and they can show up anywhere in the huge river. If you aren't ready to take a photo and lucky enough to be looking in the place where they surface, you are out of luck. As I recall, the pink color comes from the blood vessels being visible through their skin.

Enlarging the photos will help you see the dolphins and their color a little better.

Not all the photos are crisp since I was usually wheeling the camera around rapidly trying to get a shot before the dolphin disappeared. The dolphins weren't close to the boat so I had to use all the telephoto capability I had.

Birds build hanging nests in the trees.

Next.....the village.

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