Monday, April 18, 2011

Peru - Day 9 Part IV - Reed Boat Ride

For a very small amount of money, we took a ride on a reed boat. I can't say that it felt any different than any other boat of similar size, but it sure was a unique experience.

We were serenaded by the women as we left for the ride......Twinkle Twinkle Little Star might have been the only English language song they knew.

Our boat was people powered.

Lots of activity on the other islands.

Now, I am beginning to wonder if we aren't missing something on this trip. If you viewed the Day 4 Part II post, you may recall that there was a group of people laying down at the bottom of the Moray Circular Terraces. I speculated that it was some kind of ceremony. We now we have a boat load of people laying down and I can't think of any good reason for them to do this except some kind of spiritual thing. I wish I would have asked one of our guides but I didn't. I may be plagued by curiosity about this behavior every time I look at these photo for the rest of my life.

A very different experience. Now we are off to Isla Taquile in Part V.

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