Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sigrid's 2011 Birthday

Sigrid and I at the Greek restaurant.

We celebrated Sigrid's birthday on Thursday evening at the My Big Fat Greek Restaurant in Overland Park. The dinner was great and the waiters even did a Greek dance around the restaurant and sang for Sigrid.

Edel and Ann DeMaria joined us for the dinner. Ann is our former neighbor and still good friend. We were also celebrating Ann's birthday from the week before. Edel is her sister-in-law and another good friend. Edel is German just like Sigrid so they share a special relationship.
Craig and Cindy Forlow also helped us celebrate. Sigrid and Cindy became friends through their Hospice work.

Baklava complete with a candle.

Sigrid had cake in all sorts of ways, but I had to make sure she had a conventional one as well.

On Friday, Sigrid's actual birthday, we had a long and wonderful lunch at the Melting Pot on the Country Club Plaza. Edel joined us again.

This is the cheese course of the four course meal that we had. Everything is fondue style here. We were there for over two hours....fondue is fun but slow.

The chocolate course (dessert) came with a birthday candle.

We enjoyed the Melting Pot a great deal and plan to return for another special occasion.

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