Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 5 - Around the Resort and The Pali Lookout

January 16 - Saturday on Oahu

We slowed it down a little today now that we have accomplished most of our goals on Oahu. Below are a few photos taken around the Ko Olina Resort.
This blog software is freaky. One slip of the hand and bad stuff happens like my panorama shot got out of order and it won't let me move it back down in the blog. It kills me to have to post this goofyness but I am days behind on posting and I don't want to erase and start all over. Please ignore the panoramic shot below until you get the the right spot in the blog for it and then come back and look at it. Sorry.

The mandatory flower photo.

I kept telling Sigrid that the flower goes behind her ear, but she just stuck it in her ear.

At the Pali Lookout.

A panoramic shot of what you see from the Pali Lookout (go back and look at it now).

This shot of the cliffs is at the location of the great battle, fought in 1795, between King Kamehameha I and the army of the King of Maui. Kamehameha had superior numbers and weapons and drove the Maui army up the Nu'uanu Valley from Waikiki Beach to these cliffs. Over 400 were killed in the battle with many being forced to jump off the cliff to their deaths. With this victory, Kamehameha had control of all the islands and Hawaii was unified for the first time.

The information board below will need to be clicked on and them zoom in to read the text. I hope it is readable from the blog. It was on my computer.

Sigrid had a final thought she wanted to share from a wonderful book she bought from the author who had a table set up at the Lookout.

"Lana kakou i ka hau'oli o ha'i"

On the off chance that you don't speak Hawaiian, this means "We rise by uplifting others."

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