Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 4 - Part 4 of 3 - Shrimp Trucks

Still January 14, 2010 on Oahu - I know that Part 4 of 3 is cheating, but I decided not to include the shrimp truck adventure with all the beauty of the Waimea Valley. I promise no Part 5.
Shrimp trucks are very popular on the North Shore and around the Polynesian Cultural Center. We must have seen a dozen or more. Giovanni's was the one we stopped at because it was written up in one of the travel blogs and was highly recommended........particularly the garlic shrimp. We were not disappointed. The shrimp were large and very tasty. The plate is $13 and we thought it was a great value. My only complaint was that the sauce was horribly sticky and you had to eat with your fingers. The napkins were less than useless. When you tried to wipe your fingers, you were left with little bits of torn napkin sticking to your fingers. I used diet Pepsi to get some of the sauce and napkin bits off, but I was still afraid to touch anything and spread the contamination. The restrooms were about 200 yards away across the parking lot. We all went there to wash up. It was a truly ugly experience that I will not describe. The last photo shows true entrepreneurship in action.

Giovanni wants every customer to sign his truck.

I don't know if Giovanni also owns this booth, but if he did, it would be a brilliant stroke of capitalism. Sell your customers impossibly sticky shrimp and don't provide them with any way to clean their fingers except to buy "Wet Wipes" at your other booth.

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