Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 14 - Hilo and the return trip to the condo - Part 3 of 3

January 25, 2010 - Monday - Big Island

Downtown Hilo...........the Palace Theatre has seen better days. Hilo is an old sugar plantation town and seaport. Most of the old town was built in the 1930's and not much has changed other than most of the buildings are empty. Like just about all Hawaiian towns, it depends heavily on tourist spending.

We had a really nice lunch in one of the old buildings on the waterfront strip. Much of the building's interior was probably just like it was in 1930. Eating there was a neat experience.

The girls are on their way to the Farmer's Market around the corner.

Another basket weaver at the market.
As we were leaving town, we discovered that the trunk of the car wouldn't latch when closed. Normally, not a big deal, but with a convertible, that means you can't put the top up. Of course, we had the top down and, of course, even though it hadn't rained but once for 5 minutes since we arrived in Hawaii, it started raining and we couldn't put the top up. We headed for the Alamo Office at the Hilo Airport to trade for another crappy Sebring with a working top. I was ready to get a Chevy hardtop, but Sigrid wanted to have a convertible. We got a white one. We later had trouble with the top on this one but we fixed it our selves. Sigrid loves convertibles when we come to Hawaii. We could have gotten a Mustang, but the trunk has less space for luggage and we were pressed with three people.

After the market, we made a brief stop at the Hawaiian Candy Company. The employees were very friendly and they all wanted to be in the photo. All the candy is hand made one piece at a time.

Love is in the air...........Valentines Day candy ready to go.

Love is in the air........I guess. We found these cattle on the drive back to the condo in a rural part of the highway. The large bull was imported from Africa.

Yes........these are wild pigs out looking for dinner just before dark.

Edel seems to attract all kinds of new friends.

Edel had to share Captain Kangaroo or whoever this is with Sigrid at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company where we had dinner on the water.

Flowers from the Farmer's Market to decorate the condo.

Fruit from the Farmer's Market

It was a long day.......12 hours of touring and dining before returning to the condo.

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