Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 2 - Part 2 of 2 - China Town, Punch Bowl, Waikiki, North Shore

Hey......where is the first place you want to visit on your first full day in paradise? China Town of course.

Our next stop was Punch Bowl which is a military cemetery along the lines of Arlington Cemetery in Virginia. Punch Bowl serves those who died in military service in the Pacific and other veterans who survived but wanted to be buried there. It is a very large, beautiful, and moving place to visit. It is called Punch Bowl after the old volcanic crater that the cemetery was created inside of. One of the many flowers at Punch Bowl is below.

Punch Bowl has a very nice observation deck at the top of the crater. This is a panoramic view of Honolulu. To see more detail you might want to click on the photo to get a larger version.

Punch Bowl's front lawn.

The main building.

Another of the flowers near the main building.
There are large mosaic maps illustrating all the major campaigns during WWII. This photo shows the battle for the Philippines. My father fought in these battles so this photo has special meaning.

The next stop was Waikiki Beach. Edel needed to at least see this beach to make her trip complete. As usual, it was as crowded. If you walked the beach, you had to be careful not to step on someone working hard on getting skin cancer.

Edel and Sigrid got their feet wet.

After a thrilling walk through the surf, they had to pay their respects to the Duke who is the father of modern Hawaiian surfing.

We went to Pearl Harbor hoping to visit the Arizona Memorial next. Unfortunately, the Navy launch used to take people out to the memorial was down for repairs. It is supposed to be back in service on Saturday. We will return to quote Douglas MacArthur.
We then started driving with no particular purpose in mind. We ended up racing the sun to the North Shore. We wanted to see the sun set on Sunset Beach. The sun won, but the waves were still nice.
We had dinner at a small diner/bakery next to Sunset Beach. The garlic shrimp were great, but the garlic got to Sigrid later that night. Little shrimp trucks/restaurants are very popular on the North Shore. Ultimately, we drove all the way around the island before getting back to the condo well after dark. It was too big a day, but we were running on the adrenaline created by being in Hawaii.

So ends Day 2, Wednesday, January 13. More to come.

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