Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 4 - Part 3 of 3 - Waimea Valley & Waterfall

After Haleiwa we travelled down the road to the Waimea Valley. At the head of the valley is a nice little waterfall. The valley holds a stream and the botanical gardens. It is a 3/4 mile uphill walk to the waterfall. The good news is that it was all downhill getting back to the car. Peacocks roam the gardens.The monkey pod trees are incredible with their sinuous branches and leaves illuminated by the sun above. They almost seem to glow green. The photos don't do them justice.

This Lilly Pad is almost big enough for me to croak on.

These look like giant cotton balls. I could guess at the name of the tree, but I would be wrong. I did not check the name tag on this tree.

I do know that this is a Powder Puff.

And that this is a Cannonball Tree.

Just a note about all the flower photos. All of them are taken as we walk by. I do not use a tripod so focus is a challenge. Many times, the flowers are waving in the breeze so I have to be patient and wait for a lull in the wind. Not all of the photos turnout well, but it is fun trying.

This one looks a little evil.

Wild roosters roam all over the islands and you can hear them crowing all day as you drive.

Waimea Falls

There is so much wildlife on the islands.

Yes, they allow swimming.

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