Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Missouri Town 1855 Christmas

Missouri Town 1855 is a re-created Antebellum farming community located in Jackson County, Missouri (eastern Kansas City area). The town is a project of the Jackson County Parks & Recreation Department.
Although the community is a reproduction, it utilizes real 1829-1850 buildings that have been saved from demolition, relocated and restored at the site. There are 26 structures in the park and several gardens. Everything in the community has been researched to ensure an authentic representation of the period. Staff and volunteers dress in period attire and perform daily task just as would have been done in 1855. The photos were taken at their annual Christmas celebration. It was about 20 degrees with a strong wind so the wind chill must have been about zero. Our neighbor, Gail, and Sigrid were at last year's event and enjoyed it so much that they went again this year.

Gail gets a close look at the oxen pulling the wagon.

Sigrid was bundled up for the cold.

Lots of music at the celebration.

Is this Santa's country cousin?

Warm refreshments.

Cooking the old fashioned way.

The mercantile.

Musician.....it must be hard to play with gloves on.

A family unit.

School time.

Gail & Sigrid really enjoyed themselves despite the cold.

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