Thursday, December 9, 2010

A/NZ - At Sea - Days 3 & 4

As I mentioned in the last posting, we are on the way to New Caledonia and it takes two days of sailing to get there from Sydney. I also mentioned that Day 3 was a lost day for me due to sea sickness. Day 4 was much more enjoyable. I would never let a little sink hugging ruin our vacation or keep me from cruising again in the future. I may never get sick again.

I just threw in a couple of ship photos so you could see how nice cruising can be. Below is a wine tasting area.

This movie theatre is one of two places where they show fairly current movies or ones that have a theme that ties to the cruise. Often, the movies were filmed in Australia or New Zealand. Examples would be Mission Impossible II (Tom Cruise in Sydney), Lord of the Rings (filmed near Wellington & Christchurch.....two of our stops), Australia (Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman - Northern Australia - Darwin). We did watch a couple of movies on the trip. We enjoyed the movie Australia.

Another interesting tidbit is that of the 1,400 passengers on the first two week leg, 800 were Australian, 200 were American, and the rest were British, New Zealanders, and Asians from various countries.

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