Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day - 2010

Scott went to his mom's house for Christmas Eve and had to work at 1:00 pm on Christmas day, so we had him over early for breakfast and gift opening. It was a deluxe breakfast. Sigrid and I didn't eat again until about 6:00 pm that evening.

Sigrid cook just about everything that anyone has ever eaten for breakfast. She even had pancakes ready to go that we were too full to eat.

There isn't much that Sigrid enjoys more than opening presents.

Scott feels the same way.

Sigrid shows Scott the "Snow Baby" I gave her. The Baby is ironing clothes (red cloth) just like Sigrid does. Sigrid irons almost everything.....I swear that sometimes my socks even look extra crisp.

I am unwrapping a new jacket.

Sigrid thought this would be didn't work.

We had a great Christmas as we always do. We are very fortunate.

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