Thursday, February 13, 2014

S America/Antarctica - 12/31/2013 - Palmer Archipelago

We are slowly cruising around the Palmer Archipelago today.  It wasn't as nice as the first two days of our visit to Antarctica.  It was more overcast and we were in open water a little more so the ship moved more making some photos harder to get.  Even if you got the shot, it was kind of dreary looking.

So, I cranked up the HDR processing a little to make the shots more interesting on the next two photos.

As I mentioned before, we had a team of scientists/naturalists and retired Coast Guard experts on board who gave a number of very informative presentations as we cruised.  I learned a lot and enjoyed the cruise much more than I usually do.  On most cruises, the presentation efforts are focused on shore excursions and where to shop and dine.  Since we do not leave the ship in Antarctica, Holland America was very thoughtful in providing the lectures to enhance our visit.

I took a few photos of one of the presentations to give you a flavor for what they were like.  This presentation is titled Fire & Ice.  It discusses the volcanic nature of the region we are in and the characteristics of the glaciers that cover Antarctica.

Relaxing by the pool on a dreary day watching icebergs float by the ship.

The glaciers and snow covered mountains are beautiful but we are ready for a change of scenery.  Cape Horn will provide that tomorrow and in the next posting.

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