Wednesday, February 12, 2014

S America/Antarctica - 12/30/2013 - Danco Coast

The Danco Coast is the finger of land that extends from the mainland of Antarctica towards South America.  We cruised along the western coast all day today.  We were in and out of a number of bays and channels as we slowly made out way along the scenic shores.  There is a map of our path a couple of posts back in the stack.  This was another stunningly beautiful day with bright sunshine as fairly warm temperatures around 40 degrees in the lucky we are.

There won't be a lot of commentary in this post.  The photos are all you need.  We start the day around Cuverville Island.

If you were wondering if we had to maneuver around many icebergs, the answer is yes.

Penguins take the public transportation system whenever they can.

This photo looked better in black & white than it did in color.

I am pretty sure that we are now in Paradise Harbor.  Our on-board experts announced our location throughout the day but I was too busy taking photos to record exactly where we were.

On the shore, there is another very large penguin colony.  We were too far away to get any really good photos and I didn't have the telephoto lens on the camera at the time.  I needed wide angle most of the time due to the size of the landscapes.

Glacial ice usually has a blue cast to it so it was interesting to see the green coloring in the water surrounding this small berg.  I suspect a biological component to the coloring.

A beautifully sculpted iceberg.

You will notice in this photo and in others to follow, that the near icebergs are white and the more distant mountains are a yellowish brown color.  I was curious about this since Antarctic air is supposed to be so pure.  As best I can tell, the air isn't so pure after all.  I also ran across another environmental concern called Global Dimming which some scientists think is temporarily offsetting Global Warming.....way too much for this blog to tackle.

An interesting contrast in colors.

We are now in the Neumayer Channel.

A panoramic shot off the stern of the ship.

The Seven Sisters peaks.

The next post will be of our time at the Palmer Archipelago.


  1. Looks like we have been on the same ship at the same time:

    here are my photos to compare :

  2. We were on the same ship and most likely rubbing elbows trying to get a good shot. Some of our photos are so similar that we had to be taking them from the same spot on the ship. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  3. Hello John & Sigrid
    We are about to do the cruise in Feb and I came across your blog when researching what we would see etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated, many thanks
    John & Claire [London]

  4. I would be glad to answer any questions that you have. It is such a long and comprehensive cruise that it is hard to generally comment more than what we already have on the blog. If you had specific topics of interest, let me know.