Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Caribbean Cruise - At Sea (Grand Turk) - Day 19 - 1/5/2013

The fact that we are at sea today doesn't mean that nothing is going on.

In the morning, we had a Karaoke contest.  The participants were passengers on the ship as opposed to any of the professional performers from the crew.  Sigrid and I only caught the last few minutes of the show.  These two guys had no talent so they went for an American Idol style gimmick by dressing as women.

This young girl had a fantastic voice.

The contestants await the decision of the audience for a winner.  As it turns out, the little kid won due in part to having a very large and vocal family group in the audience.  We didn't see him perform so we don't know if he was a legitimate winner or not.

 After the contest came the disembarking presentation.  You have to have all your large luggage packed and sitting outside of your cabin by midnight the night before you leave the ship.  They move the luggage off the ship where you pick it back up before going through customs.  This save much time and congestion since people don't have to drag the bags around the ship as they leave.  The Cruise Director does caution you to not get too aggressive with your packing.  I guess some people have packed everything including the clothes they needed to wear the next morning.  According to the Director, it isn't much fun looking for your luggage off the ship while wearing a shower curtain.

After the presentation, the Director introduced the crew of the ship who performed a goodbye show.  Below are the culinary crew members complete with utensils they used as musical instruments.

The professional performers were last on stage to sing for us.

The Vista Show Lounge.

Later in the day, a passenger suffered a medical emergency of some sort so we had to get him to a place where he could be taken for more extensive medical care.  The ship does have a doctor on board and a fairly nice sick bay, but I guess the passengers needs went beyond what was available on the ship.  The closest island from our location was Grand Turk.  We got there in a couple of hours but had to wait until the medi-vac plane arrived on the island.  It was nearly dark before we got under way again.  We are headed back to Half Moon Cay for another day in the sun or, in our case, the last chance to by a T-shirt.

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