Sunday, May 9, 2010

Travel Update

We mentioned in an earlier post that we were looking at a Mediterranean Cruise. As it turns out, we waited too long to make reservations so all the good cabins were booked. We could have gone, but not on our terms. The airfares were also pretty steep since the planes were getting full. After working on the trip pretty heavy for a couple of weeks, we gave up and decided to take the same trip next spring. how things change. We have to be some of the luckiest travelers in the world. We always have good weather on our trips and we have managed to avoid all the other calamities that could have gotten us. We did it again.

We would have had several ports in Greece on the itinerary. If you follow the news, you know that there are riots in the streets of Athens and Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy...........not the place a person would want to be vacationing. They were throwing Molotov Cocktails from the walls surrounding the of our stops on the trip. We might not go next spring either.

We are looking into alternative cruises like Australia/New Zealand until Greece cleans up its financial mess. A/NZ has always been one of our priorities so everything works fine for us.

We will be driving to Denver for Jarek's graduation (Dale's grandson). We hope to take a few photos while there so expect a new post before the end of May. If you haven't noticed, there are several new posts since Wamego............I just got them up today.

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