Sunday, May 9, 2010

Scott's New 2005 Ford Escape

Scott's lease was up on his Pontiac G6, so we had to find something else for him to drive. He hated the G6, so buying it was out of the question. Scott has to be able to get to his KC Scout job no matter what the weather is doing. Last winter, we had to rescue him after one of the big snows because the G6 didn't have enough ground clearance and got bogged down in deep snow. His new Escape has much more ground clearance and 4-wheel drive.

Scott and I spent days driving from one car dealer to another trying to find an Escape or Mazda Tribute (same thing as an Escape) that was in his price range. We also watched Craig's List for weeks looking for individuals selling their cars. We finally found the right one with acceptable mileage and the right price. Scott is very happy and more lease and no car is good.

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  1. Love this car, just hate the gas non saver mode that I cant switch off.